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Ketturah's Will has been copied word for word as it was written.


In the name of God, I Ketturah Bailey, wife of Calvin H. Bailey
(living under marriage articles) of the county of Lewis, State of 
Missouri, being weak and infirm in body but of sound mind and memory
and knowing the uncertainty of life, do make ordain and constitute
this to be my last will and testament.

1st  I will and bequeath that all my just debts and funeral expenses 
be paid.

2nd  I will and bequeath to my three sons, Noah, Joseph and Richard
Ewalt the farm on which I now reside known as the "Curo Place"
to have and hold the same as "Joint Tenants" until Richard shall 
arrived to the age of twenty one years at which period the
same is to be sold or partitioned between them.  If sold the proceeds
to be equally divided between them - also in "Joint Tenancy"
one yoke of oxen - one black and the other a red steer.  To Noah
and Joseph in "Joint Tenancy" also one negro woman named Roze
and her future increase and at the expiration of five years from this 
date said negro Roze and her increase (if any) to be sold and 
equally divided between them.

And to my said three sons I will and bequeath separately the following 
property viz:  To Richard my negro man named Haydon (old Hayde), one
mare named Dolly one 1 year old roan filly and one horse plow
(1st choice) and gearing for same.  To Noah, one 1 year old bald 
filly.  To Joseph:  one sorrel mare named Malissa and it is my will 
and desire that said three sons reside on the farm, willed them, 
together and cultivate the same and out of the proceeds, to give 
Richard a good schooling, until he comes to the age of twenty-one
years.  Said Richard is to leave his negro man and other property 
given him herein, on the farm to work and be used for the purpose of 
clothing and educating him whilst going to school, which he is to 
commence and continue until he comes to twenty one as aforesaid.  

4th:   To Margaret Wright, wife of William Wright, I will and bequeath
my negro woman named Jailey valued at six hundred dollars, for and 
during her natural life, together with her future increase and at the 
death of said Margaret to go to her children.

5th: To Samuel Ewalt, I will and bequeath my negro boy Collins valued  
at four hundred dollars.  Should he not return from California and 
receive said boy into possession, then he is to be sold to the highest 
bidder amongst my children - Said boy is to remain upon the farm with 
my sons, Noah, Joseph and Richard and for them to work free of charge, 
for the support maintenance and education of said Richard - if 
necessary - if not then his labor to be equally divided between all 
three of them - said Collins only to remain with my three sons until 
Samuel shall have returned and receive him into possession as aforesaid 
or his death ascertains, in which last case he is to be sold as 


6th: To Henry Ewalt I will and bequeath my negro boy Haydon 
(young Hayde) valued at five hundred dollars.

7th: To Jane Thomas, daughter of Elizabeth and Robert C. Thomas, I 
will and bequeath my negro girl Mary valued at three hundred dollars  
and should said Jane die without issue then to go to her sister Penelope 
and to her heirs.

8th: To Catherine Thomas, daughter of Mary Ann Thomas, I will and 
bequeath my negro girl Malinda valued at two hundred dollars - said girl Malinda to remain with her Mother until five years of age; And should said Catherine die without issue then said girl to go to her brothers and sisters 
or their descendants.

9th: To Coleman C. Ewalt, son of Henry Ewalt I will and bequeath a yearling 
filly named Jenny Lind.

10th: To Thomas Ewalt, I will and bequeath my negro boy Jim - son of 
Harriet valued at two hundred dollars.

11th: My negro woman, Harriet and her future increase if any (if not necessary for her to be sold to pay my debts) I wish sold to the highest bidder amongst my children and son-in-law, at the end of three years after my decease until which time my executors shall hire her out amongst the children to the highest bidder.

12th: Whereas my children at one time and another have received from Henry Ewalt my former husband and from me since his decease, divers amounts, the aggravate of which is as follows viz:  Mary Ann Thomas, wife of Robert C. Thomas has received nine hundred and seventy-six 18/100 dollars.  John Ewalt has received after deducting credit, nine hundred and seventy-eight 04/100 dollars.  Elizabeth Thomas, wife of Robert C. Thomas has received five hundred and seven 75/100 dollars.  Henry Ewalt has received after deducting credits three hundred and ninety-five dollars.  Margaret Wright has received three hundred and eight dollars.  William S. Ewalt has received one Thousand and twenty-two dollars.  Jane S. Thomas, wife of Robert C. Thomas has eceived five hundred and forty dollars.  Thomas R. Ewalt has received four hundred and twenty dollars.  Catherine Haley, wife of Wm. Haley has received twelve hundred and seventy dollars;  an account of all which has been kept in a book entitled a "Book of Distributives" and labeled "Pocket Ledges."

Now it being my object to please all of my children upon an equal footings (taking into consideration as well what has been received from their father as aforesaid, as me regarding all as advancements made by me.) except my daughter, Mary Ann Thomas and said three sons Noah, Joseph and Richard, I will and direct that after my debts are paid, the land purchased by me of Quinn adjoining my "May Place" be sold by my executors at public sale, (having first obtained an owe from the county court) and the proceeds there of divided amongst my heirs (including the heirs of Elizabeth Thomas, deceased as one 
Heir) excepting said Noah, Joseph and Richard who are to receive nothing more and said Mary Ann Thomas who is to receive three hundred dollars less than an equal part, her child having receivedLAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF KETTURAH BAILEY	Page 3

negro valued at three hundred dollars including amount due on final
settlement so as to make them all equal; considering as above remarked
the amounts given by said Henry Ewalt, deceased, as advancements made
by me - nothing herein contained is to be so construed as to make
Jane, daughter of Robert C. Thomas entitled to more than her sister
Penelope, but that said Penelope is to first receive as much as the
negro herein will to Jane is valued at and then equal.  And in
making distribution my said executors are to be governed by the
accounts charged in the above book as above stated; and the valuator
of property in this will.

13th: I will and appoint my son, Wm. S. Ewalt and son-in-law, 
Robert C. Thomas as trustees for my children, Noah, Joseph and 
Richard.  They are to control and manage the farm and property
willed to them, for the purpose and intentions herein stated.

14th and Last I appoint my son Wm S. Ewalt and son-in-law
Robert C. Thomas and William Haley executor of this my last will
and testament.  In witness whereof I hereunto set my hand and seal on
this 1st day of August 1854.

	Ketturah Bailey (seal)

The above foregoing and annexed Instrument of writing was published
declared and acknowledged by Ketturah Bailey to be her last will and
testament in our hearing, who have set our names hereto as witnesses
in her presence, and in presence of each other - the said Blain,
signed her name at her request.

Atteste:     James G. Blain
                  W. S. Hinson

Files for record April 4, 1855
Monticello, Missouri, Lewis County

Land purchases by Kitturah Ewalt as recorded

Monticello, Missouri County seat of Lewis, County, Recorders office

21st day of March 1845 - Sale of land from Daniel May to
	Kitturah Ewalt and her children

	       Book G Page 231

21st day of April 1846 gave $1,000.00 for land purchases by
	Kitturah Ewalt

	      Book G., page 560

1st of September 1852, changed to Ewalt and Bailey

	      Book K - page 264

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