My Cherokee and Choctaw Indian Heritage

This page is dedicated to my Indian Ancestors even though I 
know less about them than any of my other ancestors.  I have 
spent more time wondering about them, and trying to find them, 
but always slamming into brick walls.  

I know that I have a Great Grandmother who I believed from 
childhood descended from Cherokee Indians, and she married a 
Choctaw in the Oklahoma Indian Territory in 1874.  I have 
since found out that her mother was 4/4 Cherokee born in GA.  
Her father was 4/4 Choctaw, also born in GA.  His name was 
Thomas J. Buford, and he married Suzanna (no known surname).  
I also found out that she came out on the Trail of Tears when 
she was about 5 years old.  She must have married in Arkansas 
because they are listed on the 1860 Census with no children.  
What I think is her father's brother is also on that census 
with a family.  His name was Finis M. Buford.  She named a son 
Finis Marion and that is why I think he might have been her 
Uncle.  There is also another Buford who is 52 years old that 
I think might be her grandfather.

Her family moved to Guthrie, Logan Co., OK sometime after the 
1860 census, and I lost them.  I know that she married William 
Rucker, a Choctaw Indian there in 1874, and that they had a 
son born there also.  They came to Texas, and did not go back 
to Oklahoma to register so I have never been able to prove my 
heritage.   That doesn't mean that I don't keep trying.  Someday 
I will get lucky.

The names I am looking for are:

William RUCKER, born Louisiana or possibly Mississippi, 
died Bonham, Fannin County, Texas.  Married, 1874 Guthrie, 
Logan, Oklahoma, Indian Territory, Lou T. BUFORD, in Guthrie
Logan, OK in 1874.  He died in Bonham, Fannin, TX in 1889 
and is buried there. 

Lou T. BUFORD,  born 6 Jan 1861 in Camden, Ouachita, AR.  
After William Rucker died in 1889, she remarried a Methodist 
preacher named Lancaster.  They moved to Sacul, Nacogdoches, 
TX where they raised her 4 children and his 4 children.  She 
died in 1936 and is buried in Sacul.

James RUCKER, born 1877, Guthrie, Logan, Oklahoma

Rosa Jane RUCKER, born, 21 Feb. 1880, Bonham, Fannin 
County, Texas, Died, 7 Jan. 1943, Dallas, Dallas County, 
Texas, buried Dallas, Texas.  Married, 12 Nov. 1896, Texas, 
Francis (Frank) Henry White, born, 31 Jan. 1877, St. Louis, 
Missouri.  Died, 20 Feb. 1933, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas.  
Buried Dallas, Texas

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William Rucker & Lou T. Buford

William RUCKER, born Louisiana, died
          1889, Bonham, Fannin County, Texas 

          Married 1874, Guthrie, Logan,
          Oklahoma, Indian Territory.
          Lou T. BUFORD, born 6 Jan. 1861,
          Camden, Ouachita, Arkansas, died 22
          May 1936, Sacul, Nacogdoches County,

          James Rucker, born 1877, Guthrie,
          Logan, Oklahoma, Indian Territory.

          Rosa Jane RUCKER, born 21 Feb. 1880,
          Bonham, Fannin County, Texas died 7
          Jan. 1943, Dallas, Dallas County,Texas

          Married 12 Nov. 1896, 
          Francis Henry WHITE, born 31 Jan.
          1977, St. Louis, Missouri, died 21 Aug.
          1935, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas

          Finus Marion Rucker, born 12 Dec.
          1882, Bonham, Fannin County, Texas,
          died 23 Jan. 1958, Farmersvilles, Collin
          County, Texas, buried Farmersville,

          Joe William Rucker, born 16 Oct. 1884,
          Bonham, Fannin County, Texas, died 29
          Jan. 1949.

          William Rucker was supposedly
          Chocktaw from Louisiana or Mississippi, 
          and Lou T.Buford was Cherokee. They were
          married in the Indian Territory and
          moved to Texas after the birth of their
          first son, James Rucker in 1877. Very
          little is known of either family prior to
          their marriage.


         Rosa Jane Rucker & Francis Henry White 

                Rosa Jane RUCKER, born 21 Feb. 1880,
                      Bonham, Fannin County, Texas, Died 7
                        Jan. 1943, Dallas, Dallas County,
                       Texas, Buried Grove Hill Cemetery,
                                   Dallas, Texas.

                    Married, 12 Nov. 1896, Francis (Frank)
                      Henry WHITE, Born 31 Jan. 1877, St.
                      Louis, Missouri, Died 20 Feb. 1933,
                      Dallas, Dallas County, Texas, Buried
                      Grove Hill Cemetery, Dallas, Texas. 


                                     Effie White
                         m. Jewell Stallings, Dau. Doris
                                 Stallings, m. Smid

                      Everett Leon White, b. 23 Sep. 1902,
                        Nacogdoches, Nacogdoches County,
                         Texas, d. 8 Jan. 1987, Spokane,
                       m. Margery Helena Southwell, b. 27
                            Feb. 1902, Council Bluffs,
                     Pottawattamie, Iowa, m. 15 Sep. 1926,
                      San Joachin, California, d. 18 Aug.
                            1978, Spokane, Washington.

                                      Ruby White
                                   m. Marion Watts

                   Earl White, d. after returning from WW I

                                    Lillian White
                                  m. Harry Simpson

                       Frank Eugene (Gene) White, Born 10
                        July 1913, Dallas, Dallas County,
                        Texas, Died 19 June 1991, Irving,
                      Dallas County, Texas, Buried Sowers
                             Cemetery, Irving, Texas.

                      Married 22 Sep. 1934, Virginia Ruth
                    Story, Born 2 Aug. 1916, Irving, Dallas
                                   County, Texas.

                      Dau. Kathy Jean White, born 11 July
                       1937, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas

                      Dau. (Lynn) Virginia Earlynn White,
                        born 3 Jan. 1941, Dallas, Dallas
                                    County, Texas

                      Married 5 May, 1959, William Arthur
                     March, Jr., born 29 Aug. 1934, Boise,
                        Ada County, Idaho, Divorced 1965.

                       Stephen Eugene March, born 13 Nov.
                     1961, McAllen, Hidalgo County, Texas,

                    Phillip Earl March, born 29 Oct. 1963,
                        Fitzsimons Army Hospital, Denver,
                      Colorado, died 16 May 1984, Irving,
                      Dallas County, Texas, buried Sowers
                             Cemetery, Irving, Texas.

                    Married, Daniel Toopes, 17 Jun. 19656,
                    Dallas, Dallas County, Texas, divorced

                    (Kate) Kathy Lynn Toopes, born 19 Sep.
                      1968, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas.

                       Married Edward William Vitasek, 17
                           Jun. 1971, Divorced Jul 1981

                        Kathy Lynn Vitasek Adopted 1974,
                      Stephen Vitasek and Phillip Vitasek,
                              legal name change 1976.

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