Henry Ewalt b. Jan 27, 1754 in Germany d. Sep 1829 in 
Paris, KY m. Elizabeth Frye 1782 in PA b. 1756 in 
Frederick Co., VA d. 1837 in Paris, Bourbon Co., KY

The above is the link that ties my Ewalt & Frye lines 
together.  They had 7 children:  Sarah, 1783; Mary, 1785; 
Rebecca, 1787; John, 1789; Samuel, 1792; Richard, 1795; 
Henry D.,1796.

Henry Ewalt was commissioned 12/10/1777.  Ensign 6th Co, 
1st Battn. Bedford Co., PA Militia (PA Archives)

1810 Bourbon Co., KY Census Henry Ewalt M 10/16 2; 
M 16/26 1;  M 45/+ 1; F 45/+ 1; Slaves 6;

John Ewalt  M 16/26 1; F 16/26 1;

Cooper's Run Baptist Church, Bourbon Co., KY.  
Members by Baptism 1791

Ensign Ewalt and Elizabeth are both buried in 
family grave yard on the farm "Ewalt's Cross 
Roads", on which they resided in Bourbon Co., 
KY.  The land has been owned by descendants of 
Henry Ewalt continuously since 1788.  
(D.A.R. Library, Washington, DC)

Henry D. Ewalt (son of Henry) and his wife 
Ketturah Stamps (daughter of William Stamps 
and Jane Shore) moved with their 13 children, 
to Monticello, Lewis Co., MO about 1840, where 
he died soon after.  They were prosperous 
there, and had 6 sons who were soldiers in the 
Confederate Army during the Civil War.  
Two died in battles.  

Their 10th son, Noah Spears Ewalt, was my 
great-grandfather.  He came to a community called 
Sowers in Dallas Co., Texas, where he met and 
married Mary Jane Johnson (daughter of William 
Johnson and Nancy, and the granddaughter of 
Harris Johnson).  Noah died before their last son 
was born in 1878.  Mary Jane died in 1889.  
My grandmother, Lucinda Catherine (Kate) Ewalt 
and her twin sister, Jane Stamps Ewalt, were 
born on Feb. 17, 1877, were 18 months old when 
Noah died.  Their oldest brother, Noah S. Ewalt, Jr., 
a teenager at the time of his father's death, 
never married, but raised all his younger brothers 
and sisters.  He managed the homesteard of almost 
1000 acres, which is now in Irving, near DFW Airport.

EWALT Family History

The first Ewalt came to America in 1733.  Rupps "Thirty Thousand 
Immigrants to America" has the following account:

8 Sept 1733 - Palatines - Ship Brigantine - PA. Merchant of London 
John Stedman, Master from Rotterdam.

Ludwig Ewalt, Agnes Ewalt, and Maria & Johannes (children under 16).

Ship Brigantine to Pennsylvania.  Merchants of London, John Stedman
Master from Rotterdam - Qualified 18 September 1733.

page 162 -
     Ewald, Jacob - Ship Queen Elizabeth - Alexander Hope
     Master from Rotterdam.  Qualified 16 September 1733

page 280 -
     Ewalt, Johan Adam - Ship Albany - Robert Brown 
     Master from Rotterdam - Qualified 2 September 1749

page 382 - 
     Ewald, John - Ship Queen of Denmark - Capt. George Parish 
     from Hamburg last from Cowes, England. Qual. 11 Sept 1753


Ludwick Evaldt (Ewalt) and Agnes Evaldt (Ewalt);
Johannes Evaldt and Maria Evaldt arrive and take 
oath at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Jacob Ewald - age 21, arrives at Philadelphia, PA.

George Adam Ewald arrives at Philadelphia, PA.
(ref: Brecht, Genealogical Record of the 
Schwenkfelder Family)

Johan Ewald (John Evalt) arrives at Philadelphia, PA.

"Johannes Ewald, Amity Township, Berks County, on the 
Manatawny, advertises that his German Servant boy ran away.
Jorg Kauffman, 16 years old."  (ref: Hocker, Genealogical 
Data..from German Newspapers published in Philadelphia and 
Germantown, 1743-1800)

John Evalt on tax list for Bedford Co., PA (ref: Pennsylvania 
Archives. 3rd series)

John Evalt on tax list for Bedford Co., PA (ibid.)

Henry Awalt, pvt in Philadelphia Co., PA Militia.

Jacob Awalt on tax list for City of Philadelphia, Philadelphia
Co., PA (ref: Pennsylvania Archives, 3rd series)

Samuel Evalt on tax list for Westmoreland Co., PA (ibid)

First US census:  Pennsylvania, Franklin Co. - George Ewalt

In September 1753, a John Ewalt came, and the Provincial records 
show that on May 2, 1758, there was a John Ewald, a soldier, "in
Captain John Blacksood's company of the Pennsylvania reginment".
He was 36 years old; born in Germany; enlisted on May 16, 1758, 
and was a laborer.  Prior to enlisting in Blacksood's company he 
belonged to Clapham's Provincials.


Frye (FREY) History 

The Frye History is still under construction, but the line is
                               as follows: 

           Heinrich Frey m. Anna Catherine Levering.  
                  Benjamin Frey m. Christena (?).  
               Abraham Frye, Sr. m. Agnes Ann Young.  
                    Elizabeth Frye m. Henry Ewalt.  
                   Henry D. Ewalt m. Ketturah Stamps.  
                Noah Spears Ewalt m. Mary Jane Johnson.  
            Lucinda Catherine (Kate)Ewalt m. Early May Story  
              Virginia Ruth Story, my mother, m.Frank Eugene White.
                          Virginia Earlynn (Lynn) White Vitasek

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